Dear Friends;

It’s time for our annual raffle drive, and I am again asking your help to make it successful. You have generously helped us in the past, and we’re hoping you’ll help us with the raffle this year. Please consider, if possible, purchasing more than one ticket.

The (not-so) Secret of Chabad

Find a fellow Jew. Now study his face. His brow. His smile. Does he look like you? No. Until you look into his eyes. Then, no matter what color you see, a Jew will be looking back. You are looking at someone who shares with you 3,000 years of history. You are looking at someone who is a brother, or sister, with unlimited human potential. That’s what we see in every Jew we meet. By inspiring mind, heart, and soul, we seek to boost self-perception and ignite the awareness of personal and spiritual wealth. We want all Jews to become motivated to explore their greatest gifts and share the inspiration.

There is no mystery to our philosophy. For over two centuries, the Chabad movement has translated deeply rooted Jewish concepts into a practical foundation for life. Yet our philosophy remains surprisingly simple: Love every Jew. Educate every Jew. Reach out to help every Jew.

With my sincere wishes and blessings for good health and success in all your personal and communal endeavors; I remain,

Sincerely Yours;
Rabbi Yakov Borenstein

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