Aleph-Beis Blocks (2)

Join our Mommy & Me for a fun and educational  experience!

Led by Shayna Borenstein




$10 Whole session $55


 There will be snacks and drinks provided at each class.


Weekly workshops for mothers and babies from newborn to 3 years of age. (Older siblings are welcome to join too!) Our highly acclaimed Mommy & Me program offers a great opportunity to meet other moms, share experiences, discuss
child growth and development and of course enjoy songs, games and arts & crafts.
A great beginning to your child's Jewish education. You'll never want to miss a day!

We welcome all Jewish children regardless of backround affiliation

Each class will have a circle time, craft and free play. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

A great beginning for your child's education!



 For more info, or to join call (303) 678-7595

or E-mail [email protected]