Summertime is almost here.

A time kids relish. A time for fun, for friendship and for carefree days.  A time for… summer camp.

That is if you can afford it.

But if, like for hundreds of our community’s children, camp is out of their financial reach, summertime quickly becomes an endless cycle of unsupervised boredom, heat, and monotony.

This summer (due to the financial strains many families have been feeling), a record number of families have applied for scholarships. We have received over $30,000 in scholarship requests.  Many of those requests have been granted. Others though, are on hold, awaiting our response.  And now, we turn to you, our generous friends, awaiting yours.

We will do whatever we can for these children, but we cannot do it without you. Please partner with us to help change these kids’ summer – and lives - forever. In these uncertain times, I am sure you will agree that investing in the lives of these children is the surest and longest lasting investment you can make. May the Almighty repay you a hundredfold for your generosity.

This year, “adopt” a Jewish child for the summer by sponsoring their summer experience. Every penny counts, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Please do not wait, because as I write this letter there are families who are eagerly awaiting our response to their requests. And we, in turn, are waiting for yours.

Please help us respond to their crucial need. Make your contribution to the Camp Gan Israel Scholarship Fund today.  A child is awaiting your answer.


Rabbi Yakov Borenstein


The scholarship fund enables dozens of children to experience the Summer of a lifetime. Last year our scholarship fund allocated thousands in full and half camp scholarships.                             
                             We appreciate your support!   

 Scholarship requests:

If you would like a scholarship, the online registration process must be completed completely.

The deposit per session is required, however we will not process the deposit until the scholarship procedure is completed.

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The Scholarship fund would like to wish a special thanks to:

* 18 Pomegranates Inc

* Jewish Communal fund

* Eli and Sylvie Bloch

* Ken and Jenine Rubin

* Dr Bruce and Norma Grossman

 * Dr Mark Horowitz

* Dr Marc and Dale Seivers

* Rabbi Yisroel M. Popack

* Jeff and Bobbi Seger